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World Wheel: One Woman's Pilgrimage for World Peace
Vijali is a sculptor who weaves her artwork into the lives of the communities she visits as she journeys across the world carving monumental expressions of reverence for life. 
(30 min.)

The Shift: Highlights from a documentary in the making. Lighthouse Films, in cooperation with The Alliance for a New Humanity, is working on a major documentary film about creative, compassionate and empowering responses to world in ecological and political crisis. (5 min.)

Embracing Pain, a brief interview with Joanna Macy, Ph.D., a scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory, and deep ecology. In her workshops she counsels the embracing of pain about the world as a way of deepening our connection to it. 
(4 min.)

★New Series★:
Joanna Macy: The Work That Reconnects

We are happy to announce that Dr. Macy has made four hours of her videotaped talks and workshop sessions available here for viewing online free of charge.

Voices from the Community Social Equity & Smart Growth, discussed by citizens, workers, planners and community advocates from the San Francisco Bay Area region, from San Jose to the Napa Valley wine country. (14 min.)
from www.EarthHouseCenter.org


Vision to Action: Young People Dreaming a New World
Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company, Oakland, CA.  Teens explore theatre / dance / music / performance as a path toward self-awareness, self-expression, personal empowerment & social change. (14 min.)
from www.EarthHouseCenter.org 

Sustainable Solutions: Community Success Stories

A book from the Ford Foundation focusing on the themes of the World Summit for Sustainable Development (held in Johannes- burg, South Africa in 2002), inspired Earth House, in Oakland, CA, to create a video edition.  The initiatives featured exemplify the creative efforts of people and communities worldwide who are developing and implementing working models for a sustainable future. (29 min.)
from www.EarthHouseCenter.org 


Radiance: The Experience of Light (1978) is a classic short film by Dorothy Fadiman, which she has placed in the Creative Commons Archive.  (20 min.)

Through religion, philosophy, psychology, art, and architecture, RADIANCE presents light as a universal symbol of life. This film invites the viewer to see how images of light continue from ancient cultures through modern times, connecting the visions of people throughout the world. Natural images, unusual special effects, and poetic narration are woven together with musical selections to develop an evocative documentary on light, from the metaphysical to the physical.



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